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GCDownloadUserModelFuel Type
41-494-05DownloadApollo 15/30 SNG
41-494-06DownloadApollo 30/50 SNG
41-494-07DownloadApollo 40 SNG
DownloadMarathon M120NG
DownloadMarathon 150CNG
41-494-08DownloadMarathon 400BNG
41-494-09DownloadMarathon 500BNG
41-494-12DownloadMarathon 800B (Later)NG
41-494-13DownloadMarathon 1000B (Later)NG
41-494-14DownloadMarathon 400C (Later)NG
41-494-15DownloadMarathon 500C (Later)NG
41-494-16DownloadMarathon 600C (Later)NG
41-494-17DownloadMarathon 700C (Later)NG
41-494-18DownloadMarathon 800C (Later)NG
41-494-19DownloadMarathon 1000C (Later)NG
41-494-20DownloadMarathon 1500CNG
41-494-21DownloadOrion 75 SiNG
41-494-22DownloadApollo 30B (Later)NG
41-494-23DownloadApollo 40B (Later)NG
41-494-24DownloadApollo 50B (Later)NG
41-494-25DownloadApollo 60B (Later)NG
41-494-26DownloadApollo 80B (Later)NG
41-494-27DownloadApollo 30C (Later)NG
41-494-28DownloadApollo 40C (Later)NG
41-494-29DownloadApollo 50C (Later)NG
41-494-30DownloadApollo 60C (Later)NG
41-494-31DownloadApollo 80C (Later)NG
41-494-32DownloadApollo 30S (Later)NG
41-494-33DownloadApollo 40S (Later)NG
41-494-34DownloadApollo 50S (Later)NG
41-494-37DownloadApollo 30 Si (Later)NG
41-494-38DownloadApollo 40 Si (Later)NG
41-494-39DownloadApollo 50 Si (Later)NG
41-494-40DownloadApollo 60 Si (Later)NG
41-494-41DownloadApollo 80 Si (Later)NG
41-789-20DownloadOlympic 38/50BNG
41-789-21DownloadOlympic 20/35BNG
41-789-42DownloadOlympic 20/35CNG
41-789-43DownloadOlympic 38/50CNG
41-789-55DownloadApollo 15/30C (Early)NG
41-789-56DownloadApollo 30/50C (Early)NG
41-789-65DownloadOlympic 20/35FNG
41-789-66DownloadOlympic 38/50FNG
41-789-67DownloadApollo 50/65B (Early)NG
41-789-68DownloadApollo 50/65C (Early)NG
41-789-69DownloadApollo 65/80B (Early) Serial from 90064564NG
41-789-75DownloadApollo Fanfare 65/80 SiNG
41-789-76DownloadApollo Fanfare 50/65 SiNG
41-789-78DownloadApollo 40C (Early)NG
41-789-82DownloadMarathon 60BNG
41-789-83DownloadMarathon 70BNG
41-789-84DownloadMarathon 80BNG
41-789-85DownloadMarathon 100BNG
41-789-94DownloadOrion 30 BNG
41-789-95DownloadOrion 40 BNG
41-789-96DownloadOrion 50 BNG
41-789-97DownloadOrion 60 BNG
41-795-03DownloadApollo Fanfare 15/30 SiNG
41-795-04DownloadApollo Fanfare 30/50 SiNG
41-795-05DownloadApollo Fanfare 40 SiNG
41-795-06DownloadOrion 30 SiNG
41-795-07DownloadOrion 40 SiNG
41-795-08DownloadOrion 50 SiNG
41-795-09DownloadOrion 60 SiNG
41-838-82DownloadEconomist WM30/40 BFNG
41-838-85DownloadEconomist WM40/50 BFNG
41-838-90DownloadEconomist WM15/30 BFaNG
42-494-02DownloadMyson R MajorNG
42-494-06DownloadMyson R Major ControlaireNG
42-494-15DownloadMyson RNG
42-494-16DownloadMyson R ControlaireNG
42-494-17DownloadMyson R MinorNG
42-494-18DownloadMyson R Minor ControlaireNG
42-494-19DownloadMyson R-SNG
42-494-20DownloadMyson R-S ControlaireNG
42-494-21DownloadMyson R-S MinorNG
42-494-22DownloadMyson R-S Minor ControlaireNG
47-494-02DownloadMidas SiNG
47-494-03DownloadMidas BFNG
47-494-04DownloadMidas SfiNG
47-789-01DownloadGemini Open SystemNG
47-838-01DownloadMidas BNone
DownloadMarathon 1000B [LPG]LPG
DownloadMarathon 700B [LPG]LPG
DownloadPanda 120 Pressure JetOil
DownloadPanda 50 Pressure JetOil
DownloadPanda 65 Pressure JetOil
DownloadPanda 90 Pressure JetOil
DownloadPanda-2 95/120 Pressure JetOil
DownloadVelaire 40/50 50/70 70/90ÌÎ_Oil
DownloadVelaire 40/60Oil
DownloadVelaire 50/70Oil
DownloadVelaire 60/80Oil
DownloadVelaire 70/90ÌÎ_Oil
DownloadVelaire 80/100Oil
DownloadVelaire Vitesse 40/50Oil
DownloadVelaire Vitesse 50/60Oil
DownloadVelaire Vitesse 60/80Oil
DownloadVelaire Vitesse 80/100Oil

Document Types:
ISIM - Installation and Servicing Manuals
UG - User Guide / Operating Instructions
SM - Service Manual
TS - Technical Specs

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