Dvd & Usb

Manuals, 7,000 boiler manuals, user guides on DVD and USB, for professional gas and oil heating engineers.

Giving you on the spot technical information on servicing, commissioning, replacing componets, part number's and fault finding guide's. Invaluable to those already in the industry and a head start for those of you entering our profession.

Compatible with all versions of Windows including Vista and Windows 7.



Valsoft Boiler Manuals is a collection of gas, lpg, oil installation and user guides, all on a single dvd and memory stick, organised and extremely easy to operate. Just choose the manufacturer from the drop down list then choose the model you require, navigate between different manuals using the navigation arrows, as easy as 1.2.3.

We have installation and user guides from 1970 upto the present day, over 135 brand/manufacturers names.

The included list of pdf files are organised into manufacturers categories and are viewed in alphabetical order by model.

There are 7,000 installation and user guides.

Some you are able to download from manufacturers site, but the majority you find here will not be available from these sources, some have been scanned in from the originals which were only available in that format.

Ideal source of reference material for existing gas and oil heating engineers, an absolute must if you are just entering this profession either as an installer or as a service engineer.

Installation manuals give information on the correct procedures of replacing components, listing part numbers and fault finding guides.

From our own experience whilst attending servicing and heating appliance repairs, the householder rarely has the relevant documents to hand.

Our Dvd is extremely popular, but if you do not want the complete collection , then we offer different packages to suit you.

You also need to have Adobe Reader Version 7 or higher installed on the same computer to use the software.

 We also include some individual manufacturers fault finding training guides, some exploded diagrams and parts list. Included also are links to manufacturers website (where available and also their contact telephone number.) Items listed are up to date at the time of the release and there will always be someone that will say they do not contain the latest information, for this scenario we host subscription websites whereby you can always download the latest release’s, but we find that the majority of the information you will require will be from the older manuals, as seven years seems to be the average age where appliances start failing. Not all the manuals were produced in electronic format and you will find some manuals are actually photocopied and the quality is not as good as the electronic form, we have no control over the content and they are supplied as is. Manuals are included for domestic and commercial appliances, gas, lpg, oil and multifuel appliances, high pressure water cylinders and heating controls. We hope to have the largest collection available and are continually sourcing new material. Should you have any suggestions on how we can improve our software, then please contact us, we continually strive to give all our customers a first class service. Valerie


The software is available for Windows and Macintosh Pc's.

The software on Dvd is suited to the desktop application and requires an internet connection.

The software on Usb is ideal for use in laptops and netbooks and does not require an internet connection.

ONLY £19.50 for Dvd or £39.50 on memory stick

All software can be purchased her online from our shop.