Activation and Licensing The DVD requires internet activation, a product key is supplied at the time of purchase and is sent separate to the actual product, in an email to the email address which is supplied by you from either PayPal or Google. When activating the software you will be required to supply your name, address, postcode and a valid email address which will require verification. These details are only used for the sole purpose of your licence and never revealed to any other party. The protection of our software being internet based allows you to move the software to a different computer easily, just uninstall the software and then re-install on to a different computer using the one product key. If you wish to install the software on more than one computer at the same time then you would need to purchase an additional product key, if you install on more than one computer at the same time using only the one product key, then the software will cease to operate. Alternatively if you purchase the software that we supply on a Portable Usb memory stick, you run the software from the Usb without any need for a product key or any form of activation, this is particularly suitable for use on net books and laptops which do not have an internet connection out on site.